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CV / Bio


  • Date & place of birth: 1961, November 6th in Kassel / Germany.
  • Marital status: married, two children
  • Nationality: German, EU - citizen
  • Driving licence: since 1982, more than 1.000.000 km all terrain driving experience
  • Spoken languages: German (native speaker), English (fluent), Spanish, Portuguese (basics)

Education & Academical Career

  • 1972 - 1981: Paedagogium Otto Kuehne High School, Bonn
  • 1981 - 1987: Geology & Mineralogy studies at Georg - August university, Göttingen, B.Sc. in Geology, Paleontology, Chemistry and Zoology
  • July 1987: M.Sc. in Geology, Mineralogy and Engineering geology. Thesis on lignite deposits in the Helmstedt basin
  • 1988: Postgraduate M. Sc Course "Economic Geology" at Rhodes University / Grahamstown, Republic of South Africa
  • 1989 - 1991: Ph.D. at Institute for Ecochemistry / Kassel University on phosphate fixation in artificical wetlands.
  • July 1991: Ph.D.(Engineering) examination with distinction

Professional Career

  • 1982 - 1988: Various geological assignments during term vacations : Gold exploration in the central Alps for St. JOE Inc.(1982); Hydrogeology and engineering geology on the Gorleben shaft sinking project (1984); Hydrogeology and economic coal geology in Helmstedt area (1985); Evaluation of a tin exploration program at Uis mine, Namibia (1986); Geophysics at the Windisch Eschenbach KTB deep drilling site (1988); Field geologist at several gold exploration projects in Namibia with Goldfields of Namibia (1988).
  • 1989 - 1991: Literature surveys about waste economy of Eastern Germany and waste site sealing systems for an engineering office in Witzenhausen.
  • 1990: Geologist at the "Institute for Waste Economy" (Prof.Wiemer) in Witzenhausen. Professional Tourist Guide in Iceland and the Maltese Islands
  • 1990 - 1993: Lecturer (Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Waste site remediation, Ecology) for the Bundesverband Ökologie and the Haus der Technik at Potsdam, Annaberg - Buchholz, Altenberg, Erfurt and Rostock.
  • 1992 - 1993: Chief Geologist at AEW GmbH (Hanover) with various field projects such as waste site remediation, ecorisk and hazard assessment, hydrogeology and engineering geology.
  • Since 1993: Independent consulting geologist: HYDROBÜRO - Dr.- KRASSMANN in Rodenberg / Lower Saxony and Bad Windsheim / Bavaria: Consulting work on about 120 different projects with emphasis in mining and minerals, hydrogeology and waste water treatment, see separate list of references.
  • 2005: Start up of the Giant Crystal Project at
  • 2006: Accreditation as consultant in the VerMat - Materialeffizienz Program
  • 2007: Member of FAB: International Mining Consulting Group
  • 2007: Accreditation as Eurogeologist. Competent person sensu JORC / NI 43-101
  • 2012 - 2013: Major Project : Countrywide Assessment of the Mineral Potential and Mining Sector of the Sultanate of Oman, 12 months
  • 2015: PERC Reporting

Professional Memberships

  • BDG - Bundesverband Deutscher Geologen / Association of german professional geologists
  • Federation of Eurogeologists
  • HFC / VdHK - German Speleological Association
  • VerMat - Accredited Consultant
  • Member of the FAB / German International Mining Consulting Group
  • RDB - Community of german mining engineers