Profile of Services

Since more than 20 years Mineral & Exploration Dr. Krassmann offers professional consulting and services in the fields of economic geology and natural resources, mining history, project generation and exploration of mineral commodities, appraisal of geothermal and energy storage potential in abandoned mines as well as hydrogeoology and exploration and documentation of underground structures/souterrains.

We strongly focus on the benefit of our clients by using professional experience, earned in almost three decades of geological and mining related project work, starting back in 1981. We are prepared to work in rough conditions and environs in almost any part of the world.

Mineral & Exploration Dr. Krassmann

Planning and handling of exploration campaigns.

Economic Geology Services

We offer a wide range of applied and economic geological services linked to the mineral & mining industrial needs: target generation, planning and handling of mineral exploration campaigns, assessment of mineral prospects and deposits and due diligence on exploration programs and companies:

  • Project Generation: Finding suitable areas for potential mineral deposits, based on decade long experience and an extensive in-house database
  • Geological Surveys: Mapping projects and reconaissance surveys including use of satellite imagery
  • Field Exploration: All stages of field exploration in all kind of environs employing classical and sophisticated methods
  • Drilling & Trenching: Drilling & trenching program design, organisation and recruitment, core/trench logging and assay data handling, assay data assessment, reporting
  • Market Studies: Regional and commodity studies of all kinds to resarch market conditions and potentials as well as possible partners and competitors
  • Economic Evaluation: Ore & industrial deposits, mines and prospects
  • Due Diligence: Due Diligence of exploration & mining projects and whole exploration companies
  • Geological Research / Analytics : Commodity and mine project/exploration company research for financial analysts
  • Quality assurance: Quality standard control of all exploration and sampling surveys & data

Mining Services

  • Abandoned Mine Exploration: On site and undergound exploration and documentation of former mine sites, risk and hazard analysis, analysis of optimal drill site placement and optimization of exploration programs
  • Environmental Hazard Asssessment: of active and former mine sites
  • Potential Evaluation: Evaluation of geothermal and water potential of flooded mine workings
  • Coal Bed Methane: Assessing the CBM potential from abandoned coal mines and gas rich coal seams
  • Energy Storage: Evaluation of energy storage potential (water, air) in old mine workings
  • Touristic Underground: Concepts to turn a mine/souterrain into a tourist attraction
  • (Acid) Mine Drainage: Concepts to treat (acid) mine drainage effectively by use of artifical wetlands
  • Mine Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation concept studies for abandoned mines, quarries and open pits

Mineralogy, Geothermics, Hydrogeology

  • Mineral Identification: Reliable identification of common and rare mineral phases
  • Specimen & Mineral Collection assessment: Assessment of single mineral specimen and whole mineral collections
  • Geothermal potentials: Conceptual studies for developing unconventional geothermal potentials from abandoned mine shafts, burning dumps, surface near volcanism etc.
  • Water extraction from disused mines: Re-using abandoned mines as water sources
  • Hydro-Thermography: Use of thermographic imaging techniques for sucessful water prospecting and risk analysis/default detection in dam constructions